aiwon LOMC - low output top end moving coil cartridge

review of AIWON in brand new issue (published December 2015) of TONEAudio magazine # 75 (pages 136 - 141):

page 136 - 141
aiwon & arche headshell
aiwon & our headshell arche

It is with quite a proud feeling of satisfaction and excitement that we present the aiwon

(ancient greek "the eternal principle of play").


This is our statement regarding low output moving coil phono cartridge design.


It shares the same general architecture with it's smaller brother - the archon©.

It however displays and incorporates a bundle of different improvements in most vital parts - some easy to spot, some very subtle and hidden - in micro design, material composition, individual fine-tuning and - ultimately ... - sonic performance.


The aiwon is the best example for what improvement is still possible in phono analog front-end sonic performance.

Possible only if all parameters are carefully fine-tuned.

Fine-tuned to thus create much more than the mere sum of the parts.


The aiwon is "old school" at its very finest.

A sonic performance second to none, - featuring a live-likeness, dynamic contrast, emotion expression and "you are there" character one has to hear to realize what was missing so far - missing in even the very best set-ups.


The aiwon is carefully handcrafted in Bavaria.

Each aiwon is handcrafted and carefully fine-tuned to ultimate performance by one person only.

aiwon & AXIOM

All the perfromance of your analog set-up starts here - in the groove - with the cartridge.


Give the aiwon a listen in your personal set-up - it will enrich your listening pleasure and musical enjoyment beyond your expectations.


The aiwon will show you what your audio system is really capable of.

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