advanced silver coil design moving coils in Titanium Timet 1100 housings - unusual ideas resulting in superior sonics


Our range of cartridges offers unique superior sonic performance in each price range.


We strife in cartridge design for a very physical, authoritative sound - while maintaining subtle detail, finesse and color-shadings to create a natural and "real" picture of the recorded event.


We use silver coils and a modified "old-school" approach in cartridge design with concentration on creating a sound which reassembles the best moments in reel-to-reel playback:


- dynamics galore

- deep, authorative and airy bass response with speed and panache

- a true and natural physical weight in the sonic picture 

- a clear and solid soundstage as a true reflection of the recording venue

- color shadings and timbre true to the real thing


Our Titanium Tmet 1100 body is a key to the unparalleled energy transfer and the resulting dynamic and micro-detail being common feature in our cartridge designs.


Give any of our cartridges a listen and you will find a sonic impact and performance far above its price range.


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